Eco Book Wraps

Eco Book Wraps

Cardboard Book Wraps for Packing and shipping all sizes of books and picture frames, See our YouTube Demo Various Heights creased into the cardboard folds, this allows for multiple adjustment for the thickness of product used.

Book & Frame Packaging sizes offered A3, A4, A5, others are available 

205mm x 140mm x 60mm----275mm x 165mm x 70mm A5

305mm x 175mm x 80mm---325mm x 195mm x 60mm

360mm x 225mm x 100mm A4---390mm x 260mm x 90mm

390mm x 280mm x 90mm---440mm x 295mm x 90mm A3

502mm x 325mm x 79mm---

The Height Measurement is adjustable as the flaps are creased & can be folded at several intervals, this makes the Package very adjustable and versatile & allows for extra padding if required on more delicate items


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