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Bag size help chart, we offer a large range of Plastic mailers in a range of colours and sizes, our polythene mailers are 60 Micron thick, Plastic dispatch packaging for the e Commerce seller.


The chart below displays current stock. 

Click for Help in Choosing a mailer to Suit a Box size

Click on the colour/size required for more details.

Should you experience difficutly finding the size or colour you require please do not hesitate to Call us directly on 087 8249783.

If colour is not shown in the size you require please  contact us  and we will order for you.


Scroll over and Click on the colour/size required for direct link to product details


blue plastic mailing envelope


Bio Degradable Eco Mailers

Eco Grey

pink mailing bags


Bio degradable Eco Mailers

Neon Green

white plastic mailing bags


burgundy plastic mailing envelope


Bio degradable Eco Olive Green Mailers

Olive Green

black plastic mailing envelope


violet plastic mailing envelope


white plastic mailing bags


bubble bag insert sleeves

Bubble Bag

clear A4 magazine mailers

Clear Mailers

120mm x 170mm
(4.75" x 6.75")
blue mailing bags 120mm x 170mm pink mailing bags 120mm x 170mm     violet mailing bags 160mm x 230mm 
 bubble bag insert sleeves
160mm x 230mm
(6" x 9")
blue mailing bags 160mm x 230mmgrey mailing bags 160mm x 230mmpink mailing bags 160mm x 230mm  white mailing bags 160mm x 230mm  black mailing bags 160mm x 230mmviolet mailing bags 160mm x 230mmSilver Mailing Bags 
bubble bag insert sleeves
216mm x 356mm
(8.5" x 14")
blue mailing bags 216mm x 356mm         
230mm x 305mm
(9" x 12")
clear magazine mailers
245mm x 305mm
(9.5" x 12")
clear magazine mailers
250mm x 330mm
(10" x 13")
clear magazine mailers
250mm x 350mm
(10" x 14")
blue mailing bags 305mm x 405mmgrey mailing bags 250mm x 350mmpink mailing bags 250mm x 350mmEco neon mailing bags 250mm x 350mmwhite mailing bags 250mm x 350mmburgundy mailing bags 250mm x 350mmolive mailing bags 250mm x 350mmblack mailing bags 250mm x 350mmviolet mailing bags 250mm x 350mm 
bubble bag insert sleeves 
255mm x 330mm
(10" x 13")
clear magazine mailers
305mm x 405mm
(12" x 16")
blue mailing bags 305mm x 405mmgrey mailing bags 305mm x 405mmpink mailing bags 305mm x 405mmEco neon mailing bags 250mm x 350mmwhite mailing bags 305mm x 405mmburgundy mailing bags 305mm x 405mmolive mailing bags 305mm x 405mm


violet mailing bags 305mm x 405mm 
bubble bag insert sleeves
300mm x 350mm
(12" x 14")
 grey mailing bags 300mm x 350mm        
320mm x 440mm
(12.5" x 17.5")
  pink mailing bags 320mm x 440mm       
330mm x 485mm
(13" x 19")
blue mailing bags 330mm x 485mm          
355mm x 508mm
(14" x 20")
   Eco neon mailing bags 355mm x 508mm   black mailing bags 355mm x 508mm  
350mm x 405mm
(14" x 16")
 grey mailing bags 350mm x 450mm        
400mm x 525mm
(15.75" x 20.5")
 grey mailing bags 400mm x 525mm        
425mm x 600mm
(16.75" x 23.5")
       black mailing bags 425mm x 600mm  
430mm x 560mm
(17" x 22")
blue mailing bags 430mm x 560mm pink mailing bags 430mm x 560mm       
485mm x 740mm
(19" x 29")
blue mailing bags 485mm x 740mm         
550mm x 750mm
(21.5" x 29.5")
  large courier bags 550mm x 750mm        
600mm x 715mm
(23.5" x 28")
blue mailing bags 600mm x 715mm         
600mm x 800mm
(23.5" x 31.5")
   Eco neon mailing bags 600mm x 800mm      
600mm x 900mm
(23.5" x 35.25")
  very large courier bags 600mm x 900mm        

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